Sarawak Biovalley Pilot Plant Facilitation Fund (SBPPFF)

Published: Thursday, 30 March 2023 Last Modified: Thursday, 12 October 2023

(i) Objectives

  • To support research and development into process scaling-up activities.
  • Increase the readiness of R&D bioproducts to be marketed.

(ii) Eligibility Criteria

The criteria for the facilitation fund are as follows:-

  • All categories of SMEs having a minimum of 51% equity held by Malaysians;
  • Based in Sarawak;
  • Applicant must collaborate with the implementing agency identified by SRDC.
  • R&D output must be at least TRL 7 until TRL9 phase;
  • Applicants are allowed to apply only one application at any given time;
  • Agencies, institutions in Sarawak, as well as private entities and industries;
  • Activities must be carried out in Sarawak Biovalley Pilot Plant (SBPP) or in collaboration with SBPP;
  • A clear business plan and marketing of the product must be discussed;
  • Applicants from the industry will need to provide a similar matching amount or an amount that is mutually agreeable to both parties.

(iii) Quantum and Duration of Funding

The maximum quantum and duration of funding is RM100,000.00 and 18 months respectively.

(iv) Scope of Funding

The scope of funding for the Facilitation Fund is as follows:-

  • Pilot testing and Incubation;
  • Up-scaling from the pilot plant/prototype; and
  • Market research or product validation and marketing-related activities of the finished product developed at the SBPP.

(v) Application

Application for Facilitation Fund should be submitted online via