Research Performance Monitoring System

The Research Performance Monitoring System (RPMON) is a fully featured system that enables the application, management, tracking and reporting of all research activities. Analysis of data obtained throughout the research life cycle is essential for planning and decision-making processes. Therefore, utilisation of a software tool such as RPMON ensures research cohesion among agencies and institutions, which would lead to findings that will bring about benefits to all stakeholders.

The system can be accessed here: http://rpmon.sarawakrdc.org.my/ 

Instruction for registration of non Sarawak based affiliate organization

Collaborators from outside Sarawak or agencies without a Research Management Unit (RMU), eg Forestry, may register under "Affiliate Organization" as their organization, and then choose their organization under the Department tab upon updating their profile. Please provide this information to SRDC so we may create the department.

eg. Researcher A from University Kuching wishes to collaborate with Researcher B from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

1. Researcher A informs SRDC that Researcher B from USM wishes to register.

2. SRDC creates USM as a department under Affiliate Organization.

3. Researcher B register himself/herself into system, choosing Affiliate Organization as their Organization.

4. SRDC approves the registration.

5. Researcher B logs back in and update profile, and chooses USM as the department in Affiliate Organization, and fills in full address details in the UNIT tab.

PDPA Consent Clause

By submitting the form, you hereby consent to the Sarawak Research and Development Council (Research council) to: 

  • Collect, store and process your personal data that you provide in the form such as your full name, passport or identity card number
  • Disclose your Personal Data to the relevant governmental authorities or third parties where required by law or for legal purpose.
  • Collect and store your Resume or CVs when you apply our grants/services or jobs with us.

In addition, your personal data may be shared with any company or agencies within the Research Council or government agencies. You may at any time apply to the Research Council to have access to your personal data which are shared by Research Council.

For the avoidance of doubt, Personal Data includes all data defined within the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 including all data you had disclosed to the Research Council in this system.

The Research Council is committed to protecting your personal data. If you have questions or comments about the Research Council’s administration of personal data, please contact us at