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AnnouncementsSarawak RDC STEM RESEARCH FUND (Sparx) (Version 2, 2023)

The Bright Sparx Fund offer grants of RM5,000 for ambitious, student-initiated projects in any scientific field, that can bring benefit to society and the economy. This is a merit-based award intended to fund school student research projects.

Objective: The award gives students the opportunity:

  • to experience scientific research (mentored by university research-active staff, whenever possible);
  • meet others with similar abilities and interests;
  • get guidance from scientists, and interact with graduate students in universities in Sarawak.

Young Scientists will be invited to present their completed project in a Mini SPARX symposium.

Who Can Apply?

The Bright Sparx Fund accepts project proposals from students, in any scientific field aged between 7 and 20 (Primary 1 to Form 6) at the date of the proposal submission. Students in Polytechnics and TVETS are encouraged to apply.


  • Applicants must be students enrolled in a school/polytechnic in Sarawak. Priority will be given to rural schools in Sarawak.
  • Projects must be nominated by the school’s STEM committee in each participating school.
  • Proposals must be in a team of not more than 3 people. Each school may submit up to 3 projects.
  • Submissions must be in both a written project and a presentation format (PowerPoint), using the template provided.
  • Recipients of the award are encouraged to participate in the Sarawak RDC Research Symposiums to present their findings.
  • Funding provided may be used for research materials, and learning experiences related to their project.
  • Funds may not be used to purchase equipment unrelated to the research or design project or professional services.
  • Grant money will be given directly to the hosting school for disbursement. Recipient schools are responsible for managing the fund for purchases pursuant to their own policies.
  • Schools may levy a fee of up to RM1000 of the fund as bench fees to host the project team.
  • An amount of up to RM1500 of the fund may be allocated for travel and transportation-related activities.
  • Intellectual Property rights shall be discussed in good faith between the parties involved in the project, i.e., the Sarawak RDC, the School, and the Project Team.
  • Project Team and recipient school will be required to provide a letter of undertaking that they will utilize the funds towards achieving the objectives proposed in their projects and assure completion of the project.
  • Cannot be used to support an existing project. Must be a new project.

What Kinds of Proposals are Considered?

Any creative, innovative, and engaging classroom proposal that integrates aspects of science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics will be considered.

Funding amount and duration:

Applicants are advised that the grant amount is capped at RM5,000 from Sarawak RDC.  

The duration of research will be up to a maximum of 6 months,  depending on the nature of the project.

How to apply:

All proposals should be electronically submitted and emailed to using using the attached Application Form.

Contact us: