Grant Schemes

SRDC Grant Schemes

To encourage high quality research in Sarawak through competitive funding, and stringent performance monitoring

General Criteria

  • RESEARCH in Science and Technology
  • All research & development institutions/agencies in Sarawak are eligible to apply
  • Research activities must be located in Sarawak
  • Sarawakian and non-Sarawakian researchers, based in Sarawak
  • Corporate Social Responsiblity/community engagement type projects are not eligible
  • Focused and output-driven research, with clear outcomes

Available Grant Schemes for 2019

Grant Scheme Grant Ceiling (RM) Notes
Research Initiation Grant RM50,000.00 Allocation for up to 5 promising young scientists as a research start-up and capacity-building funds focused on SRDC priority areas
Catalyst Grant RM250,000.00 Allocation for up to 5 projects that are aligned to SRDC research priority areas and focus on output-driven innovative research
Special Ventures Grant RM500,000.00 Allocation for up to 5 projects that attracts industrial match funding to address key priority areas in Sarawak

Commercialization Fund RM50,000.00 Allocation up to 6 outstanding companies or individuals with market ready products to conduct necessary activities leading to commercialzation of their products
Bright Spark Award RM50,00.00 Allocation for up to 25 outstanding science and technology projects in public and private schools based in Sarawak